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Tata Minibus

Although not as well known in the UK as Ford or Fiat is, the Tata minibus is the world`s second largest bus manufacturer and has a long history of providing high quality to Europe. The flexibility and comfort for both driver and passenger makes Tata motors a big favourite for use in schools, companies, tourists and many other commercial purposes.


The Tata minibus is designed to provide every user and owner with high standard comfort and safety and is built to give everyone the best journey possible while remaining economical and giving excellent miles per gallon. The choice in sizes includes 18, 20, 28 and 35 seaters and can be modified and customised to suit the specifications and requirements of each customer. Safety features include:
  • Semi-sliding windows
  • Alarmed doors
  • Hand rails and poles
  • Tooth guards
Buses can also be modified to suit those needing wheelchair accesses and can include a lift or ramp and wheelchair seatbelts.

Tata like to make sure everyone riding on one of their minibuses can enjoy airy and spacious travel and build their minibuses to give each passenger ample head and leg room as-well as wide aisle space, each seat is ergonomically correct and the adjustable head rest can cater to users of any size.

Being widely used as a bus for school children and tourists, taking in the sights of the surrounding scenery this is helped by the Tata minibus large windows across both sides meaning passengers can absorb all environments. The drivers view isn`t forgotten about and the large windshield gives excellent visibility, the fact that is constructed from a single piece of glass only helps the drivers vision, especially in extreme weather conditions . The upmost comfort is also afforded to the driver and the leather stitched steering wheel and dial and instrument location allows for easy operation of the bus. Having slip resistant flooring helps passengers when boarding and de-boarding the bus and the vinyl flooring covers the full bus.

Tata take into consideration that passengers, especially those on long trips are likely to be carrying luggage. Luggage compartments at the back of the bus give ample space for bags and suitcases and there is space for each passengerís hand luggage to be stored.


Like all minibuses whether being used for private or commercial purposes the Tata minibus will require insurance to be able to operate. Insurance is important to cover driver and passengers and whilst one of the safest methods of transport, the carrying of large amounts of people may come with a large insurance premium.

When choosing from insurance policies for a Tata minibus you will encounter three kinds:
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Third party insurance
  • Fire and theft insurance
If using the minibus to carry passengers it would be wise to use comprehensive insurance, although the premiums are likely to be higher than the two other kinds of insurance in can prove vital in covering every need of driver and passenger should an accident occur.

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