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Dolphin Minibus

There is nothing people in the UK like more than travelling by minibus. This is proven by the number of minibus companies and the number of people using them as a form as of transport. There a lot of plus points about minibus travel and a dolphin minibus in particular.


There are benefits of using a dolphin minibus when compared to other modes of public transport; a minibus offers the chance for a group to travel together whatever the size and a dolphin minibus can come in various sizes each one can be catered to the needs of the passenger. Sizes can start from eight seaters going up to minibuses with 28 to 30 seaters; the most widely used models tend to be the 15 and 17 seaters.

The chance for a group of 15 or 17 people to be able to travel together is big reason for the popularity of the minibus, trains can be extremely costly and sometimes involve two or three different transfers, and travel by plane is also costly and can be a hassle. Although you can often get seats on trains and planes where the group are seated together, it involves sharing your journey with other members of the public and their privacy must be respected. This means that things like noise must be kept to a minimum. Minibus travel allows passengers to socialise as they wish without the worry of offending other passengers.

Using the car is another method of transport that can be used instead of a minibus; there are many reasons why a dolphin minibus can benefit over the car. Travelling in a group will mean that there will be a need for more than one car; taking two, three or even four cars can be extremely costly on fuel and cause wear and tear on a car, especially if travelling long distances. Minibuses offer the chance for the total cost of travel to be divided equally amongst each passenger, saving each person precious money that can be used for spending. Having a driver with your minibus will also mean the stress of driving is taken away.


Dolphin minibus travel is becoming ever more popular in the UK and waiting last minute to make a booking may leave you unable to find a company with an available minibus. If you do happen to find a minibus at short notice it may not be the correct size for your group and may cost extra money. This is why planning your travel early is advisable, planning should involve:
  • Exact number of people travelling
  • Dates of travel (you should have two choices of dates in case your first preference is unavailable)
  • Destination
  • Length of hire or rental
  • Any extra requirements
Extra travel requirements that may be needed such as a wheelchair access minibus or a mini fridge should be inquired about when asking for quotes, any extras may be subject to extra fees.

When gathering quotes and looking for the cheapest travel you should be sure that the price quoted has no hidden extra costs.

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