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Mitsubushi Minibus

Japanese motoring giants Mitsubishi are famous for producing some of world`s top cars, and this includes for both style and handling ability. And like all Japanese car firms, they also have a reputation for the highest standards in safety. The Mitsubishi minibus provides all of the trademark qualities and can provide luxury travel for private and commercial purposes.


Versatility and reliability make the Mitsubishi minibus a popular choice with many professions and businesses; school trips, sports event travel and nursing homes trips are just some of the purposes where the Mitsubishi minibus plies its trade on a daily basis.

The Mitsubishi engine is well known throughout the motoring industry for being tough, sturdy and reliable; the engines found in their minibuses are no different. The diesel powered engine can come in various capacities and handle minibuses of different sizes, the automatic and manual transmission choices are also served well by the engine.

Size and type configurations make Mitsubishi a sought after manufacturer in minibuses and the fact that they build to house as few as eight seats and as many as fifty cater them to most people. Customisation is possible and can specifically suit those that require wheelchair suitability. Ramps, lifts, harnessing options and floor tracking can allow a number of wheelchairs to be housed. These features make Mitsubishi minibuses popular in hospitals and nursing homes.

Mitsubishi understand passengers and drivers needs to feel as comfortable as possible and make all buses with wide aisles and seats that allow leg room and head room aplenty. By concentrating on comfort and versatility, Mitsubishi has not forgotten about style, large windows for passengers and drivers and rounded corners make the Mitsubishi minibus a joy to look at.

Finding a minibus

Minibuses in general are popular amongst people travelling in large groups, the range of sizes and capabilities of Mitsubishi`s offering makes them widely sought after. Minibuses offer travellers a comfortable and cost effective way to get to a destination. The cost of other public transport methods can often cost a lot more than minibus travel and the fact that you can keep a group together and spread the cost of travel between each passenger makes it all the more appealing.

There a hundreds of companies in the UK that offer minibus rental and hire, the most popular and easiest way to find a Mitsubishi minibus for hire is through the internet. A lot companies are keen to advertise their fleet of minibuses through their own website, many also have the facilities to proceed with booking a bus online. Comparison websites are also a good option with thousands of different minibuses in every area of the UK available. Local press and directories such as the Yellow Pages of Thomson Local are also a helpful way of finding minibus travel.

If you are looking for a Mitsubishi minibus to buy, the internet is also a popular resource. Dealers stock both new and used models by the dozen, with Mitsubishi`s available alongside other manufacturers, Mitsubishi also have their own website where minibuses can be purchased.

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