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LDV Minibus

The LDV minibus is a favourite on the UK`s roads and has been for many years (although many will be more familiar with their previous name, Leyland DAF). The LDV fleet of minibuses are used on a daily basis by hundreds of people both privately and commercially. Nursing homes, schools, sports teams and numerous party goers are just a few of the purposes that make LDV a leader in minibus manufacture.

The Maxus

The Maxus LDV Minibus has placed a company that was once better known for its reliability than is style or design right to the top of the pile in modern minibuses. If it is versatility you are looking for in a minibus then the Maxus should be at the top of your list. A choice of 10, 12, 15 or 17 seats and the availability of either 105ps or 120ps engines are just the start of the versatile features, the Maxus can be customised to include easily removable rear seats which allows various seating configurations and room for up to four full sized wheelchairs and four passengers.

The Maxus outdoes its closest rival the Ford Transit 17 seater minibus which was once thought to be one of the most manoeuvrable buses on the market. The fact that the latest LDV minibus is a whole metre shorter and still has 17 seats makes it an easy drive for any owner, this shorter length has been helped by reducing the front and rear overhang. The shorter length has pleased many people by the fact that parking is an easy task.

The Maxus also out shines the Transit with its greater payload meaning passengers can carry more weight and luggage while never jeopardising performance. Both the 10 and 17 seater versions of the Maxus have the capability for towing up to two tons, more than any of its competitors.

People in this day and age aren`t flattered by excellent specifications if the price means they can never afford it. The LDV minibus has kept cost as low as possible so that it can cater to many budgets; the Maxus is 1650 cheaper than its closest competitor, the Transit. 20,000 service intervals, cheap parts, fast repair times and excellent fuel economy make the Maxus an excellent low cost ownership for any buyer.


The popularity of minibuses and the masses of people using them on a daily basis mean that safety is of the upmost importance, the Maxus is amongst the safest minibuses on the market. Each seat on the bus is forward facing with lap and diagonal seatbelts that are designed to suit passengers all genders and sizes. ABS anti-lock braking system and EBD (Electronic Break Force Distribution) come as standard as does a driver and front passenger airbag. Double sided doors on the Maxus LDV minibus allows for easy boarding and safe exit for passengers on to pavement from both sides of the vehicle, the double sided doors also play an excellent help if the minibus is towing a trailer.

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