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Mercedes Minibus

Mercedes have always had a reputation in the motoring industry for providing the market with first class luxury cars and vans; their range of minibuses is no different and owning one can be a fantastic investment, especially if planning to use it for hire. Many people like to travel in style, whether it is on holiday or to the airport and a Mercedes minibus affords passengers that luxury.


The Mercedes minibus range that is widely used throughout the UK is the Sprinter range. There is the Sprinter Travel and the Sprinter Transfer; both are steeped in the Mercedes tradition for comfort, luxury and class.

The Sprinter Transfer is often the Mercedes minibus that is seen on motorways up and down the UK. When bought brand new you usually have the chance to choose the colour of the vehicle as well as the design and colour of the interior. Comfort is a big part of the Transfer and it gives passengers a spacious and quiet compartment that exudes well-being; the climate control options also give passengers a feel of being pampered. Comfort is not just afforded to the passenger as the driver can drive the bus whilst feeling that they are driving a passenger car. Power windows, adjustable steering wheel and central locking add to the overall experience.

The Sprinter Travel also offers the benefits of the Transfer with regards to comfort and no expense is spared to make the driver and passengers feel as relaxed as possible during their time on board the bus. Buses in general are one of the world`s safest modes of transport and Mercedes are part of the reason why, ABS anti-lock braking system and Electronic Stability Program are as standard on the Travel and every Mercedes Minibus.

Mercedes understand the need for a low cost minibus, thatís what, makes them a popular choice with so many people and their buses are designed to be light on the pocket and produce excellent miles per gallon coverage. The variety of sizes available mean that you can always buy a model in a size that is suited to your requirements.


As with all vehicle insurance premiums, minibus insurance is assessed against the individual needs, the overall value of the bus and risks. Finding someone to insure a Mercedes minibus at a low price may be difficult but not impossible. Being an experienced driver is very helpful for getting a lower insurance premium, this is especially true if the minibus is being used for private hire. If you have built up substantial no claims discount or bonus from years as a minibus driver then insurance companies will look favourably on this an offer a reduced quote. Inexperienced drivers may find quotes to be much higher than those with good driving history. Shopping around is the best way to find cheap insurance, the more research done, the cheaper the more quotes that will be found, comparison websites are a good platform to find cheap insurance quotes and some are dedicated to minibus insurance.

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