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Luxury Minibus

When and where possible we all like to travel in style and comfort. Previous years the only way to do this was to hire a limousine which usually proved to be extremely expensive. More recently a rise in popularity of luxury minibus hire has occurred and allowed passengers to gain the same benefits of a limousine but with the benefits of lots more space in which to relax. Whereas a standard minibus is all about the simplicity of travel its luxury counterpart is all about extravagance. Hiring one can have many benefits.

Benefits of a luxury minibus

The first benefit is a huge one over that of a car or limousine and that is head and leg room. Travelling by limousine, especially in a group, means that passengers often end up cramped into a tight space and head room is non-existent. The high roof choices on a minibus can allow you to be able to stand up and move around freely.

Reclining seats are a huge benefit of a luxury minibus and add to the fact that the seats are usually leather, this allow passengers to be able to relax in full comfort and even catch up on some sleep on longer trips. The leather seats are also a benefit to the minibus company as any stains that are caused by spilled drinks can be cleaned away easily

Entertainment is big part of the reason that people look to hire a luxury model minibus, TV`s, DVD`s and sound systems are generally as standard. Some minibuses will also include games consoles or karaoke machines for ultimate enjoyment. Have entertainment on board is helpful on long trips to keep people occupied, especially is there are children that are amongst the passengers as they can quickly become restless.

Interior lights can be used for reading during the night or on some buses neon lights are added to create a party atmosphere

Another of the top reasons that people choose to go for a luxury minibus is the presence of a mini bar, fridge or champagne bar. A bar or fridge can be stocked full of refreshments and snacks for people of all ages and can be accessed at any time. Some companies will include complimentary bottles of champagne and have a fully stacked fridge where others will charge per item taken from the fridge.


Hiring a luxury minibus is easily done, especially through the internet where many companies not advertise through websites and offer online booking. Hiring a standard minibus is a lot easier than hiring a luxury as many companies do offer luxury buses amongst their fleet. Luxury buses are also extremely popular and may need to be booked months in advance.

You will also have the choice of including a driver with your package, having a driver can me no member of the travelling group has to cope with the stress of driving. If you are planning on hiring the bus for a number of days it is likely that a driver won`t feature.

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