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Hyundai Minibus

Japan has a reputation for providing the motor industry with excellent cars, vans and minibuses. Hyundai is no exception and the Hyundai minibus is amongst the best on the market. Although once known for their low quality (to go along with their low prices), in the past twenty years Hyundai has evolved into one of the highest quality and reliable minibus manufacturers on the market.


The benefits of a Hyundai minibus are there to be seen by all by choosing one as a method of transport. Many people use Hyundai minibuses regularly for both commercial and private use and they are particularly popular with sports teams and schools for travelling to events and going on trips. One of the big reasons for Hyundai`s popularity is the fact that space and safety go hand in hand. Anyone travelling likes to be afforded as much space as possible; children especially become irritable when cramped up in small spaces. Minibuses by Hyundai offer ample leg and head room with wide aisles and high ceilings, special compartments for large luggage and under seat storage for hand luggage along with wide aisles serve to add to the spacious feel. These features are beneficial to anyone travelling long distances where being comfortable is essential.


Having plenty of space is a large benefit but if the bus feels dull and dingy it can take away from the experience, every Hyundai minibus has large, wide windows for both driver and passenger to allow for plenty of natural of light and enable passengers to take in surroundings and scenery as they travel. To add to the passengers travelling experience Hyundai like to include on board entertainment, AM/FM radio, MP3 capability and CD player hooked up to a modern speaker system can keep everyone satisfied. The need for a quiet engine is something that all manufacturers strive towards, Hyundai have perfected this. State of the art suspension can allow the minibus to travel on steep hills and many terrains whilst allowing passengers to enjoy a smooth ride.


The drivers comfort is just as well looked after as it is for the passengers, ergonomically correct seating with adjustable head rest give the driver seating comfort while adjustable steering wheel, power steering, easy reach gear shift and controls make the driving experience as smooth as possible. Transmission can come in either manual or automatic depending on preference and sizes are available to cater to most groups.

The Hyundai minibus combines the highest aspects of safety and economy in equal measure, choosing Hyundai gives owners one of the most cost friendly minibuses on the market. Minibuses can be customised and modified to suit different purposes with buses able to accommodate wheelchairs. Features can include fitted ramps and lifts as-well as numerous safety features including harnesses, hand rails and poles and slip resistant flooring, the latter is something that Hyundai apply to all of their minibuses.

Booking a Hyundai minibus may take planning your travel months in advance and booking as early as possible.

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