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9 Seater Minibus Hire

The affordability and convenience of 9 seater minibus hire has led it to become one of the most widely used ways to travel for groups of people. Throughout the year people hire 9 seaters to travel in numerous ways; holidays, airports travel and parties are all popular. They offer what the hire off two taxis do not in that a group can travel together and in comfort whilst not costing excessive amounts to hire.


As you can imagine, 9 seater minibus hire is offered by hundreds of companies across the UK and much of the time these are fully booked at all times of the year. This is why companies recommended that you book your hire as far in advance as possible.

Having the details of your travel plans properly laid out a couple of months in advance may help you in booking a minibus, especially in peak season when music festivals and various sporting events are being held. There are features available on some minibuses that can allow you to travel in more comfort; some offer the facilities of a minibar and this can be important if a long trip is being planned and refreshments and snacks are needed. Also, reclining seats can be beneficial on long trips to allow for comfort and the chance to sleep if required. If you are travelling as a family or in a group including children you may want to include a TV to keep them entertained and/or distracted. Children can easily become restless, the space and comfort of a minibus can help them to relax.

Hiring a 9 seater mnibus

Anyone looking to book 9 seater minibus hire is going to want to receive the cheapest hire possible without affecting the quality of service. There are companies that offer excellent deals on hire on minibuses with and without a driver. When booking it is important that you are quoted the price that you will be paying and that no extra hidden costs or VAT are going to be factored in at a later date. If you have quoted a price to the rest of the travelling party and agreed upon a shared payment then finding out there are hidden costs is not going to be helpful.

Find out if the quote you have been given includes the following things:
  • Comprehensive insurance for the driver
  • Unlimited or capped mileage
  • Road side assistance and breakdown cover 24/7
  • If hiring a driver that he is fully licensed
It is also worth enquiring about the companies policies on cancellations and if there are any lf fees or charges for late returns.

9 seater minibus companies will normally request a deposit on your booking; this is especially true for hiring self-drive, a deposit will generally amount to 20% of the total hire price. The deposit can be used towards the final payment figure which will be settled upon return of the minibus. If you or the group that are travelling are intending on consuming alcohol during the trip this may be reflected in the price of hire.

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