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15 Seater Minibus Hire

15 seater minibus hire is chosen by many people as a comfortable, relaxing and cost effective means of travel throughout the UK and Europe. Many companies offer minibus travel, with fleets containing not just 15 seaters but every size ranging from 8 seaters to 30 seaters. Customers can also choose a package with their booking such as added features that you wish the bus to include, or whether or not you wish to have a driver. Price is a big factor in minibus hire and will vary between companies with some charging deposits and others charging extra fees for added benefits such as road side assistance and insurance.


There are a general set of rules with 15 seater minibus hire that passengers must adhere to irrespective of whether they have chosen the services of a driver or not. Companies will expect you to treat the bus and the driver with respect; damaging upholstery or any of the interior will incur charges upon return of the minibus. Companies often require a deposit prior to hire that can be withheld to cover any costs of damage should any occur. Smoking in minibuses is against the law and will not be tolerated in any way; fines may be given for anyone found to be smoking. Alcohol is permitted on minibuses although its intention will need to be declared prior to hire as the overall quote will be increased to cover the fact that alcohol is being consumed; it goes without saying that the driver must not in any way consume alcohol. General common sense is usual suffice in minibus travel and benefits the safety of all passengers.

Finding companies for 15 seater minibus hire

With popularity booming, 15 seater minibus hire is widely available across the UK with hundreds of companies offering minibuses. Finding a hire company for a cheap quote can be done in numerous ways. A good start is to view the local press or the Yellow pages and make a list of companies that can match your requirements.

Word of mouth is a good way to find a reputable company, if you have a friend or relative that has previously hired a 15 seater minibus and was happy with the service they received then you are likely to look favourably on that company. Customer review websites also offer the feedback of customers that have used a service and given details of their experience, these reviews can give insight into how the overall quality of the company was.

The internet offers the best platform for finding companies that have a 15 seater minibus available to hire, hundreds of hire firms are either affiliated to comparison websites or have a personal websites from which quotes can be obtained. When receiving a quote it is wise to make sure that the price you see is the one you pay, some companies add in extra VAT or hidden costs for other services. Knowing exactly what is covered in the price is important.

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