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Limo Minibus

Limousine and luxury tend to go hand in hand so making plans for a special occasion, whether it is a wedding, birthday or an anniversary, needs to include the best in transport. Given the choice, most of us would like to get to a destination, travelling in luxury and style and what better way to do that than with a limo minibus? Many of us have seen, and some of us have experienced, the benefits of travelling by limousine; people`s heads turn as you arrive at your destination in first class style and comfort. A limo minibus offers even more than a traditional limousine.


A limousine when compared with a limo minibus pales in insignificance. While not denying the elegance and class that a limousine offers there is only so much achievable. Those that have travelled by limousine will testify that if part of a large group they are not the most comfortable of rides, this is due to the lack or leg and head room available, travelling long distances can become cramped. A limo minibus is the polar opposite as far as room goes; passengers in a minibus have the benefit of plentiful leg and head room even room to walk around the bus, something which just cannot be done in a limousine. The space available on a minibus allows passenger`s to feel less cramped and stuffy, children especially benefit from the extra space as the tend to become irritable in closed in spaces. A minibus will also be able to carry a larger amount of passengers while still remaining comfortable for all.


Renting a limo minibus will give you many options, you can choose from size and features with various manufacturers available. There are generally two types of limo to choose from standard and luxury. A standard limousine minibus will offer you practicality and allow the seating of more people but will likely come without the electronic features or mini bar and fridge. The standard limo will be kinder on the purse strings and more readily available. A luxury limousine bus will give some all of the features of a limousine car and more, with items and features such as:
  • Mini fridge
  • TV, DVD and Freeview
  • Games Console
  • Neon lights
  • Sound System
  • Leather couches

Finding a limo minibus

Finding a limousine minibus for hire can be easily done through the internet, having your travel plans in place a few months in advance is advisable when booking as they can be extremely popular at hard to get hold of at short notice. If you have decided to go for the luxury minibus then you should find out if any of the features included come at an extra cost, you don`t want to find out that each item in the mini fridge costs after it has been emptied. Companies that provide limo minibuses usually have the experience in catering to weddings, birthdays and other celebrations and will be able to assist you in planning your minibus hire if it is required in any of these capacities.

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