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Coaster Minibus

If there is one thing that keeps customers coming back to the coaster minibus, it is has to be its quality. There are many more reasons but quality is the one that sums up this minibus in a word. Both the interior and exterior make the coaster a pleasure for both driver and passenger.


Many things stand out with the coaster minibus. The first is the engine. Minibuses have to able to cope with the rigours of the road and the different engine sizes including the 4.0 litre turbo diesel available help the coaster to do this with ease no matter what the terrain. Transmission is a choice the owners like to have and the coaster has both manual and automatic; the latter comes with four speed settings on luxury models and five speeds on the manual. Handling is also excellent and with the minibus only having a 14.4 meter turning diameter makes turning in tight spaces and an easy task.

Making sure that there is all round comfort in the coaster minibus is taken with as much seriousness in production as that of performance and safety. Head room and leg room is afforded to both driver and passengers with:
  • High Ceilings
  • Air conditioning
  • Tinted windows
  • Adjustable heat settings
Each seat of the minibus is both attractive and comfortable which allows passengers to remain relaxed and satisfied especially during long trips. Storage for luggage is available in a special compartment and personal items are able to be stored under each passengerís seat. Driver comfort is also well catered to with modern facilities giving a driver the same levels of comfort as a passenger, an adjustable bucket seat with lumbar support, adjustable steering wheel and each instrument is within handy reach. Intermittent windscreen wipers and power steering ensure that no matter what the weather or driving conditions the driver can easily remain in control of the vehicle.

The coaster minibus can make sure that all passengers are entertained during their travel and AM/FM radio and CD player comes as standard, most of the modern coaster minibuses also have MP3 plug in capability. The public address system means that the driver can easily communicate with passengers or is often used by a tour guide on trips that carry tourists on scenic routes.

Minibus Safety

As with all modern forms of travel, during the manufacturing period it is a must that safety is the main priority. The coaster minibus is up to date with all modern safety measures and these can been seen throughout. There is a two point seatbelt harness system which includes an emergency locking retractor. ABS anti- lock steering systems are becoming a more standard feature in minibuses and the coaster is no different giving each passenger peace of mind at all times. Emergency exits are important features and the coaster minibus has four as standard to allow for easy exit if any sort of emergency occurs, drivers are indicated of any open exit through a warning light on the dashboard.

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