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Renting Minibus

Often, when people are looking for a cheap way to travel in a group, they look at vehicle renting; mini bus and coach hire are extremely popular in the UK due to the flexibility in size and all round low costs. When compared with train and plane travel across the UK, mini bus travel offers excellent value; the fact that total cost can be shared equally between a group and therefore means cheap travel for each individual.

Self- drive

When renting, mini bus drivers can be supplied by the hire companies; they offer the experience and know-how to provide an excellent service to customers. Having a driver may restrict your freedom during the rental term, especially if you are planning travel over a period of days. In this case a driver would be expected to travel with you at all times, but renting a self-drive mini bus allows you to use the vehicle as and when you choose. Many people are put off by self-drive by the fact that they think to be eligible to drive a bus you must hold the correct license. This is not true. If you passed your driving test prior to 1997 then you will be able to drive a minibus provided it has no more than 17 seats. During the rental period the driver must not use the mini bus for hire or reward; the driver will not be allowed to accept payment from passengers.

Renting a mini bus

It is now easier than ever to rent a mini bus especially with the rise in popularity of the internet; many companies now offer on-line renting. Mini bus and coach rental companies can be specific to on area or cover the whole of the UK, the most important thing is to shop around to achieve the lowest quotes and the most cost effective rates.

Using a local directory or an internet search engine you should write down a list of rental companies that offer the service you need, most nationwide firms will have a depot in your area. The next step is to call or fill out a quotation request form on the company website, take down four or five quotes. You should never make a booking on the first quote you receive unless you have used the company before. Be sure to ask each company, about return policies, booking and payment options and if any deposit is required, most self-drive companies will require a deposit before renting. Mini bus companies may be able to offer discounts such as 10% off total price for online booking or free road side assistance, these are worth enquiring about.

You will need to specify on your travel details before departure such as:
  • Size of group travelling
  • Departure time and date
  • Destination
  • Return location ( if booking with a nationwide company)
If your group is planning on travelling with alcohol, this will also need to be declared before renting; mini bus companies may withhold deposit if the bus returns with any damage whilst in your possession.

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