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Rent a Minibus

There are plenty of people looking to rent a minibus for a trip away or to be taken to the airport; renting a minibus instead of taken separate cars to destinations is becoming ever more popular due to its more economical and efficiency benefits.

Finding a rental company

Finding a company to rent a minibus from is not really a problem, what is more of a problem is the choosing of a minibus. Being the big business that it has become, there are hundreds of companies across the UK offering their services, most areas will have one or more rental firms and cities can be home to dozens.

The type of rental you are looking for will differ on your circumstances, if you are looking for a taxi minibus to take you to a destination then your vehicle will obviously come with a driver, taxi firms that have a fleet of minibuses can be found easily and quickly through a phone book, directory or search engine. Self- drive minibuses will be suited for people that wish to use the minibus over a longer period and wish have the freedom of driving it themselves, rental companies offering self- drive are not as widely available as taxi firms but are still easy found in most areas. Van and care hire firms tend to have a small selection of minibuses alongside their fleet of other vehicles.

Using the internet to find a company from which to rent a minibus is probably the quickest and easiest way to find a vehicle to suit your requirements, most rental businesses have moved to create websites promoting their services and providing online booking facilities. Most firms dedicated to minibus rental will have a fleet that contains buses of all sizes; nationwide rental companies especially are equipped with large amounts of stock.

Other benefits that nationwide rental companies offer is the collection and delivery service. Every area will have a branch of the company from where you can pick up your minibus and you return the bus to any area of your choosing that a branch of the company.


If you are looking to rent a minibus that is self- drive then you will be responsible for the condition it is returned in, a deposit will be taken before you drive the bus away and may be lost should the bus be returned with any faults. It is wise to give the minibus you are renting a good check over yourself before driving away, there may be faults that have not been picked up on and you can make staff aware of these, doing this is important so that you are not accused of causing the damage and therefore losing your deposit which is likely to be hundreds of pounds. Most rental companies will include full comprehensive insurance for the driver and should include 24 hour roadside assistance in the price of hire; unlimited mileage during use is also included with many self-drive hire vehicles.

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