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Hiring a Minibus Driver

What to Consider When Hiring a Mini Bus Driver for Your Company or Organization’s Mini Bus

Have mini bus, will travel! If you are the owner of a mini bus, congratulations—you will find that your mini bus will have many benefits when it comes to transporting passengers and getting large groups from point A to point B with less gas and less stress!

But what about the driver? Can you yourself drive the mini bus? What licensing requirements are needed in order to hire someone to transport your local group, organization, or club members? You’ll want to make sure that you do a little research before making the big step of either hiring a driver for the mini bus or finding out how to license yourself to do it instead.

When hiring a driver for your mini bus, you will want to check your local and state laws regarding commercial driver’s licenses. In some states, you will need a certain class of driver’s license in order to drive a mini bus vehicle with passengers. Make sure that whoever you decide to hire has the proper licensing to allow them to work for you—and a clean driving record as well! Remember, the lives of those in the mini bus are dependent on the skills of the mini bus driver, so be sure that your driver is focused on safety and standard driving precautions and defensive driving before allowing them out on the road with your precious cargo!

Make sure that the mini bus is also in proper, working order if you plan on having it out on the road. Make sure all break lights, headlights, and other safety accessories are in working order, and make sure that seatbelts and safety restraints inside of the mini bus are functioning properly. Make sure your driver has access to a first aid kit or emergency kit and knows where it is and how to get to it in case of a crash or a minor fender bender.

When hiring a mini bus driver for your vehicle, wages are something you will want to consider. Do some research online to find the going rate for a mini bus driver in your area, and make sure to be competitive, but also base the pay on your driver’s past job experience and driving abilities. You may be paying more for a driver with years of experience and a spotless driving record than you will for a newcomer to the industry, but you will want to make sure that you do a thorough hiring interview and perhaps take them out on the road to see their abilities of handling a larger vehicle. Take into consideration what they’ve been paid in the past, their job history and any other relevant skills that may help—or hinder—their ability to drive safely and protect those inside the mini bus.

Once you’ve done your research, put an ad in the paper or post one online letting others know you are in the market for a full or part-time mini bus driver. Talk and network with other people to see if you can find someone that another company may highly recommend, as word of mouth is one of the best resources for spreading the word on first-rate hires.

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