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Rent Minibus

If you are planning travel for your family or a group of friends, having the ability to travel together is important. When journeying long distances across the UK or into Europe, taking several cars on the trip can be tiresome, stressful and costly; a minibus can be a useful alternative, especially using the option to rent. Minibus rental and hire firms exist right across the UK and are reasonably priced to suit anyone’s travel requirements.

Driver or no driver

Choosing whether to hire a vehicle that comes with a driver is an option when looking to rent. Minibus companies can differ as some specialise in supplying vehicles that come with a fully licensed professional driver and others offer self- drive and supply just the minibus to be driven by the person hiring. Going to the airport, an event or for a night out are some of the reasons that having a driver can be beneficial, being picked up and dropped off at the destination of your choice and not have to worry about leaving the vehicle. If your group are planning on drinking alcohol than having a driver is a necessity especially if returning on the same day. Those that are looking to rent minibus vehicles on a self- drive basis with no driver will have the freedom to use the bus as they wish, they can be ideal for groups planning a few days away in the UK, many companies also allow their minibuses to be used across Europe which makes them perfect for holidaying.

A different set of terms will apply to a self-drive rental, when hiring a bus with a driver you will only be required to pay for the hire of the bus which is usually a set price pre-agreed before travel, hiring a minibus that you are planning on driving yourself will require several terms that must be adhered to. The first will be that the designated driver is over the age of 25 and holds a full UK driving license, a deposit will also be required which will differ with each company. The deposit will be fully refunded upon return of the minibus, however should any damage be incurred to interior or exterior the deposit may be held back to pay towards repairs. Fully comprehensive insurance should be supplied with your minibus and included in the price; some rent minibus vehicle companies also offer unlimited mileage during the rental period.

Finding a minibus for rent

When looking for a good place to rent, minibus hire companies can be found easily on the internet. Using a search engine can put you in touch with many companies in areas all over the UK, some of whom provide a service the covers every county in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Minibuses can be booked easily online and be picked up from numerous locations and airports across the UK, the vehicle can also be dropped off at any number of locations different to the collection point. Minibuses are also available in all sizes.

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