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Minibus For Sale

Buying a mini bus, whether used or new, is an investment which can pay for itself; especially if being used for private hire or rental. The use of mini buses across the UK is extremely popular for many types of activity; this could be for daily school runs or trips, airport transfers or taking disabled people to and from day centres or hospitals. Leisure purposes are also a common use for mini buses with hundreds each week travelling to away days, breaks and nights out. Finding a mini bus for sale is easier than ever in the UK with hundreds of dealers offering both new and used models.

The internet

More and more companies are using the internet to promote their businesses; personal websites offer more exposure than other avenues. Using a search engine with the search terms “mini bus for sale” will land you with hundreds of results of websites trading in every part of the UK. Some dealers will specialise in a particular brand of mini bus for example; Ford or Mercedes this is the case for many new dealers. Used mini bus for sale companies may have access to a more varied range of manufacturers. Websites will feature full details of stock which includes:
  • Pictures
  • Description of vehicle (condition, specifications)
  • Price
  • Mileage
  • Tax and MOT details
The use of the internet can be extremely beneficial for finding a mini bus for sale quickly and easily, it is advisable to visit the dealer in person and view any vehicle of interest thoroughly and take a look at any documentation.


Publications such as Autotrader and other advertisement magazines are available in most newsagents and shops and offer a great option to find a mini bus for sale. They contain contact details of dealers and a picture of mini buses both new and used as-well as price. Local newspapers often provide weekly pull outs dedicated to vehicles for sale; many will contain a healthy amount of mini buses. Classified ads will also have a range of used mini buses for sale.

New or used

When choosing a mini bus for sale, you will have the decision of whether to buy a new vehicle or a used one. A big part of this decision will be based on the amount of funds at your disposal; new vehicles will offer the latest in modern technology including satellite navigation and air condition. No miles on the clock are also a big positive of new mini buses also no need for any sort of MOT for the first three years and brand new tyres entice people towards new models. Second hand and used models, if treated properly can be just as good a purchase as a new model albeit without the same shelf life. Mileage on used models will be higher but providing that the mini bus has been serviced at regular times throughout its history it will be run very efficiently even more so if the engine is diesel. People should look for long MOT and tax where possible on new models.

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