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Buying a Minibus

Perhaps you own a daycare and want to take your kids out on regular, weekly field trips. Or maybe you are part of a church group or organization that needs to visit local charities or homeless shelters on a regular basis, either daily or weekly. Perhaps you want to own a taxi company and need a vehicle for transporting larger groups of people in a pinch. No matter what your reasoning for a mini bus, buying a mini bus is a great investment if you’re looking for a larger vehicle with regular usage and one that holds a number of passengers in the back—more so than what a van can hold.

Buying a Mini Bus for Your Company or Organization’s Transportation Needs

When looking at buying a mini bus, first consider the other options. Renting a mini bus might be better if you’re looking for something temporary or on an irregular basis. If you only take your daycare kids out for a monthly field trip, purchasing or leasing a vehicle may not be practical or affordable for your irregular needs. However, leasing may be best if you are not quite sure what type of mini bus you want to buy and test one out on a more long-term basis to see if it’s something you would consider buying down the road. But if you already know you’re in the market to buy a mini bus, then read onward!

First off, make sure your budget allows for buying a mini bus. Sometimes buying a mini bus can be written off for tax purposes when it comes to the monthly payment and interest. Be sure to figure this into the budget of your company or organization, in addition to the monthly costs of automobile insurance that will be required in order to run the mini bus.

If using the mini bus on a regular basis, you will also want to consider the cost of hiring a mini bus driver and ensuring that the mini bus driver you are hiring is licensed for a commercial vehicle. This cost, in addition to the insurance costs and monthly payment of the vehicle, may start to add up to more than you can afford.

Also, you’ll want to be sure not to put down too large of a down payment on the mini bus, and keep money set aside in the event of maintenance issues—this is especially important if purchasing a used mini bus, or one without any type of warranty on the parts of the mini bus. If you put all your extra money into the down payment of the mini bus and something goes wrong, you’ll end up putting any repairs or maintenance fees on your business or organization’s credit cards and thus, spending more in the long run than maybe the company can afford.

Once you have considered your budget and the types of mini bus vehicles that you can purchase, it’s time to get out on the lot and do your shopping. With the information you need at hand, purchasing a mini bus can be a painless experience in the long run.

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