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Minibus Hire Insurance

As with all vehicles, insurance is essential to be able to drive a minibus. Whether you are renting from a hire company or you have bought a minibus for private use you will need insurance to be able to drive. Minibuses are used daily in many for different purposes and by many different organisations:
  • Schools
  • Charities
  • Youth Clubs
  • Churches
  • Care homes
These are just some of the places that rely on the use of minibuses for daily use; people also hire minibuses to travel away on holidays as it is a very cost effective way to travel. Minibus insurance is offered by many insurers across the UK and while some are focussed solely on providing insurance for minibuses, others offer policies alongside their other vehicle insurance.

Minibus Hire

Minibus insurance will not apply to you if you are hiring a minibus with driver as the driver and bus will be covered through the company. However if you are hiring a self-drive minibus then insurance will come into play. Self-drive hire companies will provide insurance to you either included in with the hire price or as an extra cost. The insurance that comes with the hire should always be fully comprehensive throughout the period of time you have the vehicle.

Finding minibus insurance

Finding minibus insurance is just like finding car insurance, easy to find but not easy to find the right type, due to the size and use of a minibus you can expect to pay a fair bit more than you do for car insurance. There will be private and commercial insurance depending on what the intended use of the minibus is. Like car insurance minibuses are able to be covered with fully comprehensive insurance or third party, fire and theft. The prices will like differ from insurer to insurer and which kind of cover you choose, comprehensive is likely to have a higher premium. Those that have a good no claims record on their car insurance may find cheaper insurance available.

For school, charity and church groups that are looking for insurance on a minibus then the cheapest cover possible is important as there will be little fund available to offered large premiums. Insurance comparison websites provide you with a platform to find cheap insurance but unfortunately they rarely have the facilities to search for minibus insurance. Quotezone.co.uk is one of only websites that offer insurance comparisons for minibuses and they are worth a visit. It may be that you will have to visit websites separately to gain quotes; the internet is still the best way to do this as there are hundreds of websites offering insurance for minibuses and coaches.

Some of the leading insurance brokers are happy to provide policies for minibuses including:
  • Axa
  • Aviva
  • Zurich
  • Allianz
  • RSA
Visiting the websites of the above names may land you with a few competitive quotes. Often the cheapest quotes for minibus insurance are obtainable from independent companies, there are many available to visit online that are willing to insure a minibus no matter what the purpose, private or business.

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