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Minibus Hire

Minibus hire across the whole of the UK is a hugely popular method of obtaining transportation, especially for groups of people travelling for trips and special occasions. The versatility of minibuses is something that sets them apart from coaches and cars; coaches are often too large for people looking for transport hire and cars prove to be too small.

Minibus hire sizes

Mini bus hire can suit many needs, from a few friends travelling to the airport or large groups needing travel to a stag doo or hen party. Buses can start from six seats and range up to 30 seats; anything larger than 30 seats will then be classed as a coach. Sizes include:
  • Eight seats
  • Nine seats
  • Ten seats
  • Twelve seats
  • 16 seats
  • 17 seats
  • 19 seats
  • 24 seats
Prices of hire will differ from size to size and from company to company, many companies will also give the offer of a driver to drive the minibus to its destination, this is more suited to airport trips or trips that only have the need for drop off. Using the driver option can be beneficial for numerous reasons, first of all having someone who is fully licensed, competent and experienced in handling the minibus will give passengers piece of mind. If you are not hiring the bus for a more than one day then a driver may be able to drive you to the destination and collect you when you are ready this can be helpful for groups who are intending to drink alcohol.


Most minibus hire firms implement certain requirements when hiring a minibus for self- drive purposes. A general age of above 25 is required to drive the bus; some companies also expect that the designated driver passed their driving test prior to the year 1997, if those criteria cannot be met that a license with a class D1 is also widely accepted.


Depending on the minibus hire company that is supplying your hire vehicle it may be required that you need to hand over a deposit prior to use. This is especially true if the minibus is being used to travel outside of the UK or the minibus requested is not one of the regular fleet of buses. The deposit will differ but be prepared to pay around 250 to 500; payment can be taken by credit card and will be re- credited once the bus is returned. Clients must be aware that should the bus be returned with any damage or lost equipment then deposit will be lost.

Minibus Insurance

Of course when looking for minibus hire, insurance is going to play a big part in which company you choose to hire from. Many companies provide insurance with the vehicles they hire; this is often included in the price and will be fully comprehensive. One thing that is generally not included with the insurance is any goods in transit and items left on the minibus will be done so at the owners own risk.

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